How I Will Treat My Health During American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, which will address a major aspect of one’s health. I will tell you some of the health-related things I will plan to do and/or continue to do during this time of American Heart Month. American Heart Month is another of those “cause of the month things” that can at least help me be more cognizant of my health actions. So it’s good that not only are people’s romantic hearts focused in February, but so are their physical hearts.

What I Plan On Doing For My Health During American Heart Month

One of the things I will be doing is getting my regular cholesterol check, God-willing. Because my cholesterol has been nothing to brag about, especially after spending virtually all of my adult life free-basing foods high in saturated fat until the summer of 2007 — that is, until I was advised by my medical provider that I needed to address this issue. I used to go years without getting checks of my cholesterol, but since mid-2007, I’ve been getting it checked regularly to monitor my health better.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been cutting down on saturated fats, but over the last three months especially, I’ve been really striving to eat as little foods that contain saturated fat as possible. As much as I love chocolate, hamburgers, pizza, red meats, etc., which are all high in saturated fats, even when I partake of these, I usually eat extremely small portions. Even the American Heart Association has a link that talks about fats here.

More About My Health And American Heart Month

And of course during American Heart Month in February, I plan on doing my two three-mile runs per day no matter the weather. Exercise is really good for the heart, as again discussed at the American Heart Association’s website here.

I’m not much into volunteering officially for these causes, but at least I strive to follow what is preached by this particular cause to keep my health as good as possible!

Go to the website of the American Heart Association to learn more about how to improve your heart health.

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