Vision and Eyesight Health Tips

Are you getting frustrated at having to get stronger and stronger prescription glasses every time you visit your optometrist? Recent surveys have indicated that the loss of eyesight is the biggest fear among Americans; it ranks even higher than cancer or diabetes. Everyone would like to have perfect vision without the use of glasses. Is this something that can be a reality? The use of glasses is a systematic treatment, and actually prevention is the key to maintaining eyesight is much easier than trying to treat it using glasses.

Looking at repairing eyesight without glasses, you need to understand how bad eyesight gets developed in the first place. About 25% of all Americans require glasses. And if you start to look into the academic circles of people the chances of requiring glass wearing is even higher. This is due to the fact that using a computer and reading increases the chance of acquiring nearsightedness. These things such as using the computer and reading are very unnatural for your eyes and cause your eyes to be strained and stressed… The fact you are trying to remain focused at close range for a long period of time causes undue strain on your eyes.

How can you avoid the damage to eyesight when using a computer or reading? First off proper lighting is the most important thing you can do. Read from a distance, don’t read up close. Take off your glasses step back and read from a distance. Here are some helpful tips.

Step one. Lighting, it is very important have the right amount of light. It is much easier for your eyes to focus on text and images in areas that are well lit and is better for your eyes to work with. Be sure to get plenty of light in the background, what that means is some type of light from behind your head.

Step two. Keep a proper distance from what you’re trying to read. Give it least arms length away from anything that you are reading. The closer you get to more stress a cause your eyes to try and read. This will lead to nearsightedness. Step back as far as possible and that is convenient for you to continue to do the work you’re trying to do without stretching another part of your body.

Step three. Be sure to take enough breaks. Staring at the white bright light of the computer screen is an obvious strain on your eyes. Take breaks every few minutes to allow your eyes a chance to get away from the glare. You can do this easily by focusing on something in the distance in changing your line of perception to something in the distance every so often.

Step four. Don’t use your farsighted glasses when reading up close. Reading with your distance classes is counterproductive and actually is detrimental to your eyesight. If you can do without your distance glasses then you should do without it always. All you will be doing is increasing your chances of needing a newer prescription sooner because it will cause your eyesight to get worse as you accommodate for the short distance on top of your distance classes. And last but not least ignore the fact that carrots make your eyes better it is just a myth,


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