Universal Health Care Not Such a Bad Idea

Almost 47 million Americans are without health care insurance while the insured are being denied certain medical procedures by their insurance companies because of specific restrictions designated by those same insurance conglomerates.

Americans need help in keeping a healthy lifestyle. They also need money to do it. That’s where health care insurance comes into play. Having health insurance saves Americans millions of dollars a year, but people are also being refused significant medical attention because insurance companies are hesitant to dole out the money needed to cover such procedures.

Ideally, health insurance should be able taking care of people, not making or keeping money. Unfortunately, health insurance companies have seemed to miss the concept of “health care.”

To them, health insurance is a business, not a charity.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton is proactively speaking out about how she plans to change the “dysfunctional [health care] system.” Clinton recently addressed her stand on designing a universal health care program for the country. While she has yet to go into specific details, she has stated that she wants it to be a collaborative effort. She is eager to hear what voters would like to see changed about the nation’s existing health care set up.

This type of leadership is exactly what democracy is all about. Deciding what types of coverage should and shouldn’t be applied to somebody shouldn’t be up to what the health insurance companies want. Health insurance should be decided by the very people utilizing it, not the groups making money from it.

The Democratic front-runner realizes that the current state of health care in this country is failing. She knows it could be better, and she might just be the person to change it. While her bid for national health care failed in the ’90s when her husband was president, she is confident that the country will be more receptive to the idea. The fact that so many people are disillusioned by the antics of health care companies, the new millennium is the perfect time to revamp the nation’s health care system.

The former First Lady was quoted as saying on a CBS affilfiate Web site that ”

With such tenacity and determination needed to face hard-edge opposition of universal health care, if anyone is capable of pushing such a controversial issue through, it’s Clinton.

It is refreshing to see that someone is finally rehashing such an important human concern. Everybody will need some sort of medical attention at one point in their lives. Most likely, a good majority of these people will not be able to afford such consideration. Shouldn’t the United States take care of its people by supporting their health needs if they are unable to afford it?

Hillary Clinton seems to think so.

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