How to Teach Your Child About Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be a part of our daily eating habit. This habit is also a good one to teach children from the time they are born. Educating our children about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables is essential for their health. I have come up with some fun activities that you can do to teach your child about fruits and vegetables.

Reading to your child is a wonderful way to teach them about fruits and vegetables. Using books you can educate your child about the different types of fruits and vegetables, how they are prepared, what they need in order to grow and places that they do grow. Some good books that I would recommend are The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krass, I Like Vegetables by Sharon Lerner and Fruit is Ripe For Timothy by Alice Rothschild. You can purchase these books at your local library.

Provide your child with fruit and vegetable puzzles. Your child will be able to see what fruits and vegetables look like as they are putting the puzzle together. In addition, you can talk with your child about the different names of the fruits and vegetables.

Each day give your child a different fruit and vegetable to eat. This will give them the chance to taste the various fruits and vegetables. Talk to your child about what it looks like, how it tastes and smells.

Play fruit and vegetable games. Have little cups with different fruits and vegetables cut up in little pieces. Blind fold your child and give them one of the cups to try. After tasting they have to guess what kind of vegetable or fruit it is. You could have the same vegetable cooked and raw form so they could see the difference when they taste it.

Grow a vegetable. You can teach your child how a vegetable grows by planting one. Your child will also learn how to take care of a vegetable. You need to have seeds, soil, pot and water. You can purchase the seeds from your local hardware store.

Cook something with your child using fruits or vegetables. Some suggestions are vegetable dip, applesauce, banana cream pie and a fruit smoothie. You can find simple kid friendly recipes online.

These are some suggestions on how you can teach your child about fruits and vegetables. Through a fun learning experience your child will be able to expand their knowledge about fruits and vegetables, which will contribute to their overall health.

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