10 Easy Steps for a Healthier Life Style

Every year, millions of people try to find ways to lose weight. There are tons of diets and programs one can choose from, but if you are just looking to shed a few pounds, I think my easy tips are the way to go.

1. Keeping Track

It’s very important to keep a log or diary of all the things you eat through out the day. Keep track of the times and even the calories

2. Make some substitutions

After you have a good idea of your daily eating habits, see what things you can substitute. Have a fruit mix instead of a brownie. Maybe drink a natural juice instead of a can of soda.

3. Take Your Time!

Learn to eat slower with your meals. When people get in the habit of eating fast, they tend to eat more than the need to. This is because our stomach delays in letting our brain know that we are full, so you might be eating a little too much.

4. Don’t deprive yourself

Sometimes a snack every now and then is a good thing, so you shouldn’t feel any disappointment when you are cheating on your diet.

5. Find Time to Exercise

There are many times through out your day that you can find time to do exercise. If you have an office job, many companies offer cheap products that you can use at your desk to get your blood rate going. Even a walk around the neighbor with a partner every other night really makes a difference.

6. Get a Scale!

You’ll never have any idea how you’re doing if you can’t measure yourself.

7. More H2O

Water is one of the best things for your body, so adding it more of it into your new, healthy life style can only help you.

8. Learn Your Calorie Limit

Using your log, keep track of all the calories you consume and make sure you don’t go over the daily calorie limit. This could be a very important if you plan to lose a few pounds.

9. Stay Away!

We all know that most fast food and soda is not good for your body at all, so stay far away! If it is part of your daily routine, you’ve got to drop it. There are many other substitutes for a fast, continent, and tasty meal. Find what local restaurants cater to healthy life-styles

10. At least One Pound a Week

Last, but not least, try to lose at the minimum, one pound a week. If you are having a hard time managing that, then you might not be putting in enough effort towards your goal or you might need to relax a bit and let your body catch-up.

Weight loss is different for everyone, but I found that these simple tips can work for most people in losing weight.