Are you the busy person who just has no time to stop and fix a meal? Are you a health-oriented person who cares about what goes into their body? Or are you perhaps an older person, or a person with health problems, who has little to no appetite?

There is a product you should try. Odwalla Superfood is a micronutrient fruit juice drink and much more. This drink is a mixture of apple juice and purees of peach, strawberry and mango. Banana is also blended in for its nutrients and flavor. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Superfood contains there are the green foods. Wheat grass, which is super for your colon and bowel health. Barley grass and wheat sprouts add their healthy nutrients to the drink.

Superfood contains 1,000 mg of spirulina per eight ounce serving. With this you get good amounts of micro-nutrients such as beta carotene, vitamin C, iodine and manganese as well as potassium.

This is a one-stop world, and many full-nutrient drinks are becoming popular. Ensure was once more a medical product than anything else. Now the company points its advertising toward the busy person on the go.

Superfood is a great snack. An eight ounce glass has just one hundred and thirty calories, and none of it from sugar, fat, salt or fillers. At first sight Superfood looks very green, green and thick. But from the first taste it is a sweet, fruity, satisfying drink that keeps your hunger under control as well as giving you full servings of fruit and greens.

Wheat grass has until now been a very health-nut food. Many juice stores sell shots of it for $3.00 or more. Wheat grass is excellent for health. When our bowels become full it can uncomfortable and give you nausea and a bloated feeling. While not a pretty subject, your bowels are vital organs. Feces that sits in the intestines can grow rancid and unhealthy.

With Superfood you don’t taste the greens – it isn’t like grazing the south forty. The sweetness of the juice overrides the grassy flavors.

Odwalla puts out Superfood in eight ounce bottles. It also has sixty-four ounce jugs that are code dated for your protection. It is a food that is highly perishable and should be kept in the refrigerator and never left on the counter.

In this hectic world of stress we all need to take care of ourselves better. You could have a bottle of Superfood for a snack, a lunch or a pick-me-up. If you are trying to cut back on soda pop, this is sweet and would substitute nicely, plus giving you a whopping percentage of your daily food needs.

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