How to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease affects many people in the United States and in the world. Often times, heart disease can be found in our hereditary line. This puts us at a greater risk. But also, Heart disease can be caused by certain factors that we can control.

Men are more prone to heart disease then women, especially men over thirty five. Smoking cigarettes will also lead to a bigger risk, as well as high blood pressure. Many professionals also believe that high stress can contribute to your risk of heart disease.

Some of the risks above are outside of our control. We can not control whether we are men or women, or how old we become, but we do have control over factors such as cigarette smoking. The three biggest threats are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cigarette smoking. All three of these are with in our control.

There are many things that we can do to maintain, or acquire a healthy heart. First, there are the obvious. If you are a smoker, then stop smoking. Eating healthier will also improve your heart condition. But possibly the best heart medicine is exercise.

Just like our biceps, pectoral, or abdominal muscles need exercise, so does our heart. After all, the heart is a group of muscles that function much like the rest of our body. Exercise makes our heart stronger, and improves our circulation.

A study was done comparing over 30,000 bus drivers and conductors to see if their was a relation between activity and cardiovascular disease. The study found that that the conductors, who often walked the length of the train, and went up and down stairs, were less likely to suffer from heart disease. The drivers however, who remained seating for hours upon hours, had a very high risk of heart disease. This is because of the lack of movement with the drivers. Some studies even claim that an inactive lifestyle nearly doubles your chance of heart disease.

So it is clear, that exercise and physical activity are good for the heart, but which exercises are best? The most common and correct answer, is that of cardio interval training. Cardio interval training consists of several high energy segments of exercise. You may consider running for a half a mile, then walking for a block, then running for another half a mile, and walking another block, then repeating. Giving yourself a little breathing time allows your heart to recuperate. If you practice cardio interval training you will start to strengthen your heart immediately.

This will lessen your chance of heart attacks, and strengthen your hearts immunity to disease. You will also improve your lung capacity. When your lungs get stronger, you can work harder, and make your heart stronger too. Cardio interval training can also improve your metabolism.Cardio interval training will help you improve your heart, as well as your body.

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