How the Pritikin Diet Compares to Other Weight Loss Programs

The Pritkin diet is not much different from any other healthy weight loss plan. It includes advice to eat healthier, satisfying foods that support your weight loss efforts combined with regular physical activity. It does add in one factor that many diets overlook. That is the power of your mind. The plan was originally developed by Nathan Pritkin in the 1950s. The new Pritkin diet books that you will see were written by his son Robert.

As a fat child and a victim of extremely low-calorie yo-yo diets, as well as a natural health writer, I feel qualified to review this program. After many years of struggling with my weight and uncontrollable cravings, I am finally happy with who I am and how I look. The program that I finally developed for myself is just a little different than the Pritkin diet. I believe that permanent success comes with developing your own program, one that is unique to you.

From the time that I was 14, I was on one diet or another. I convinced myself that the hunger pangs I felt were caused by the fat burning off of my body. As a teenager, I knew very little about the pounds I was losing. Every diet that I tried worked…at least for a little while.

Like most people, when the pounds started to come off, I felt elated and proud for sticking to whatever low-calorie diet I was on. Until I came up with my own program, my greatest success was with the Susan Powter program. You may remember her. She is the author of “Stop the Insanity” and other self-help books.

There is one thing that most diets, whether it is the Pritkin diet, the Zone or anyone of the countless others that are available, have in common. They require you to “think” about what you are eating. You must either count calories, carbs, protein or fat intake. One of the things that they teach people who participate in the complete Pritkin diet is to read labels. They also provide emotional support.

According to some fitness experts, none of these diets works in the long-run. People fall back into their old habits — gain back the weight that they’ve lost, along with a few extra pounds, to make matters worse.

In my opinion, the key to long-term success is to create an eating plan that suits your tastes and your lifestyle. Be sure to get plenty of protein, an element that is missing from the Pritkin diet, as they advise dieters to focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other complex carbohydrates. Protein is filling and it helps your body build muscle, during your work-outs. You may only need to choose lean, less fatty selections, but if you want long-term success, protein is one of the keys.

Source: The Pritkin Weight Loss Breakthrough, by Robert Pritkin

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